Film Festival

Slum Film Festival screening in Kisumu as part of Madaraka Festival will be an open air, free of charge in the community at Manyatta Sijeh Grounds next to the Matatu Bus Terminus on August 4th from 5:00pm  to 9:00pm. Slum Film Festival is an international film festival with an average participation of 90 countries annually. Slum Film Festival focuses on stories, from, by or about those in slums or marginalized communities around the world. It is a platform for these communities to tell their own stories. During the festival open air and indoor screenings are held within the slum and other selected locations for FREE to attendees.

Madaraka The Documentary (16 min )

Kenyan Film

Director: Wael Abou-Zaki

Madaraka is a story about a mother and a son from the slums of Kisumu, Kenya and their work to educate and liberate their communities through creative collaboration, self-empowerment, entrepreneurship and sustainability.

With power comes great responsibility and the African people, from the youth to the elders are strong people with an entrepreneurial spirit which is not highlighted enough in the mainstream media. The saying, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” is the perfect anecdote. Madaraka characters range from community leaders, musicians, artists, politicians, activists and more.

Dawe Dawe Documentary (25:15 min )

Kenyan Film

Director: Krushal


Dawe Dawe literary means no no in Luo, which is the language spoken around Kisumu and the greater Lake Region of East and Central Africa by Luo people. Dawe Dawe is also the Stage name of David Weda who is a registered Nurse, Performing Poet, actor and a filmmaker. Dawe Dawe is also a script writer and has written two documentaries namely “M-Access”  focusing on maternal and child health in East Karachuonyo and he has also written “Manyatta is Manhattan” focusing on his life as spoken word artist.

JONAROBI Hila (90 min )

Kenyan Film

Director: Odongo Robbie

JONAROBI is a story of Andrew who lives richly and extravagantly in the City of Nairobi while his mother leaves in a neglected pathetic situation back at home. Wait and see how he meets hell on a one on one basis when he comes home and has no house to sleep in.

Hila (5min)

Kenyan Short Film

Director: Antony Ndun’gu

In the wake of increased radicalization in Kenya’s informal settlements, a football coach wants to recruit one of his players and the player’s mother into acts of terrorism. Will they give in considering their hard financial times?

The Skin Of The Chameleon (7mins)

Togolese Short Film

Director – Collective of young filmmakers : Togolese on the moon

“Prevention is better than cure”, especially during the presidential campaign in Togo … That’s what a young man thinks who does not want to be bored. But between white and orange, the young chameleon will have to choose.

Michepuko (105min)

Tanzanian Film

Director- Novatus RrahC Mugurusi

A man wakes up with his cheating girlfriend dead on the bed and finds himself trying to cover up his sins from his fiancee, Police and her gangster brother.

The following workshops will be held on August 5th at Young Generation Centre from 10:00am to 4:00pm as part of One Vibe Mentorship Workshops

  1. Presentation by Deborah Keme on African Women Business Alliance 
  2. Computer programming & Tech Hubs presented by Deborah Keme
  3. Musical Journey and Stories presented by Madaraka Festival 2019 artists
  4. Twende Music Master Class presented by Nafsi Huru