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About One Vibe Africa

One Vibe Africa promotes social welfare and economic empowerment through innovative cultural programs and events centering the African diaspora, that decrease neighborhood tensions, community deterioration and juvenile delinquency. OVA is the only organization dedicated solely to producing multidisciplinary digital content, art, and cultural events highlighting the African diaspora in Seattle.


OVA’s vision is a fresh narrative about the African and African American experience, both locally and globally, that amplifies the innovation and strength of our people. We’re choosing to highlight positive stories about resilience, power, and creativity rather than the regular narratives about civil unrest and police brutality. We believe that in the face of ongoing systemic traumas, unbridled black joy is not only a radical act but also our collective responsibility. 

We are excited to invite you to serve as a Sponsor or Partner for Madaraka Festival. Please contact Lavender Toya by email at lavender@onevibeafrica.org or phone  +254-723-157-740 with any questions.

Sponsorship Quick Look Fact Sheet

Date: Saturday, August 13th and Sunday August 14th, 2022 TIME: 2:00pm PST
Where: Pier 62 at Waterfront Park in Seattle TICKETS: FREE with RSVP and all Ages

Contact: Simon Okelo



Committed Talent:   Talent list available
Website: https://onevibeafrica.org/one-vibe-africa-usa/madaraka-festival/
Established: 2014
Est. Attendance:  3,000
# of volunteers: 120

Commitment to Sponsors:

We value our partnerships with nonprofit, corporate and individual sponsors and we will serve as good stewards of your generous investment. One Vibe is committed to delivering valuable benefits and a positive partnership experience to each Madaraka Festival sponsor. Your company will be introduced to our networks. By investing in our work to unite diverse communities using arts and cultural strategies, you will also continue to build and diversify your own audience.