Ever felt like you’re on repeat with the same old playlists? We all crave fresh tunes sometimes, but with the endless options out there, discovering new music can feel overwhelming. The truth is, there’s a whole world of incredible artists beyond the usual charts, and they deserve your attention. Get ready to say goodbye to music boredom, because I’m about to introduce you to a Kenyan Afro-Pop sensation who might just become your new obsession. His name is Nyashinski, and trust me, these beats will make you question why you ever settled for less. Let’s dive into his music.

1. Malaika 

Need a dose of pure romance and soulful Swahili vibes? Malaika is the song you’ll want playing on your next candlelit date night. Get ready to swoon over Nyashinski’s smooth vocals and the melody that lingers long after the last note fades.

Ever wished you could express the deepest feelings of your heart in Swahili? Nyashinski’s “Malaika” gives you a glimpse into the language of love. Lines like “Uko na tabia za kupendeza roho (You have a way of soothing my soul)” and “Urembo wako ulininasa roho (Your beauty captured my soul)” paint a vivid picture of adoration. The song is a reminder that love transcends language barriers.

Nyashinski’s heartfelt vocals and the gentle melody will melt away any cynicism about love songs, reminding you why they’re irresistible in the first place. It is pure, unadulterated romance, and sometimes, that’s exactly what you need.

2. Mungu Pekee


Feeling lost or overwhelmed? Mungu Pekee is a powerful anthem which will ignite your spirit and remind you there’s hope, even in the toughest of times. Let Nyashinski’s uplifting message guide you through life’s challenges.

Get a glimpse into Kenyan faith and culture with this gospel-influenced track. “Mungu Pekee” translates to “Only God”, reflecting a strong sense of trust that many Kenyans find deeply comforting. The lyrics are a powerful reminder to keep your faith, even when things get tough.

Sometimes, you don’t need a song about heartbreak or hype, but one that speaks to your soul. Nyashinski’s message of resilience resonates whether you’re religious or simply in need of inner strength. “Mungu Pekee” is a powerful reminder that you can overcome anything if you have faith.

Here are some of the lyrics in Mungu Pekee:

  • “Hiyo ndio pace nasonga nayo (That’s the pace I’m moving at)” – Perfectly captures the song’s message of staying calm and focused, no matter what challenges come your way.

  • “Wanashangaa hakuna stress, nakuanga nayo (They’re surprised I’m not stressed, I’m used to it)” – Shows how Nyashinski has faced his fair share of challenges, but he’s learned to overcome them with faith and resilience.

  • “Naishi sawa sina kesi mahakamani au deni za majirani (I’m living well, I don’t have any court cases or debts to my neighbors)” – Highlights the importance of living a peaceful and honest life, which is a central theme in “Mungu Pekee.”

  • “Niko fresh nje na ndani oh yah eeh (I’m fresh inside and out)” – A reminder that true happiness comes from within, and you should always strive to be your best self.

3. Bebi Bebi 

Ready to turn up the heat? The infectious dancehall tune will get you moving and grooving, whether you’re at a party or just need a boost of energy. Let Nyashinski’s smooth vocals and the vibrant beat take you on a fun and flirty ride.

Get a taste of Kenyan dancehall culture with this upbeat track. Bebi Bebi is a popular genre in Kenya, and this song is a great example of its catchy rhythms and playful lyrics.

Sometimes you need a break from the heartbreak and drama, and Bebi Bebi is the perfect antidote. It is all about having fun and enjoying the moment, so let loose and dance like nobody’s watching!

Here are some of the lyrics in Bebi Bebi:

  • “Bebi, Bebi” – The catchy refrain is sure to get stuck in your head and have you singing along in no time. It’s a playful way of expressing love and affection, and it perfectly sets the tone for the song.
  • “Kuwa nami wakati sina” -It’s a reminder that true love is about more than just good times.

  • “Leo sina kitu, kesho ntafanikiwa” – Ambition and determination. It’s a reminder that no matter where you are in life, you can always achieve your goals if you set your mind to it.

  • “Na nikibarikiwa, ahadi yangu ni sitasahau mahali nimetoka na weh” – It’s important to stay humble and remember your roots, even when you achieve success.

4. Aminia

The song is a powerful reminder to keep your faith, even when things get tough. Nyashinski’s heartfelt lyrics and passionate vocals will inspire you to believe in yourself and your dreams, no matter what obstacles you face.

Get a glimpse into Nyashinski’s personal journey of faith. Aminia is a deeply personal song for Nyashinski, and it offers a unique perspective on the challenges and triumphs of finding faith.

Sometimes you need a song that will lift your spirits and remind you that anything is possible if you believe. Aminia is that song. It’s a powerful anthem of hope and resilience that will stay with you long after you hear it.

Here are some of the lyrics in Aminia:

  • “Si-live a lie” – A powerful declaration of Nyashinski’s commitment to authenticity. He is not afraid to be himself, even when it means going against the grain.

  • “But juzi walai Nilipanda matatu na Trey na siuzi mayai Nimetoka mbali aisee na siishi Rongai True story!” – These lines show that Nyashinski is a down-to-earth person who has not forgotten his roots. He is proud of his journey and he is grateful for the opportunities he has been given.

5. Free

Feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders? Nyashinski invites you to shake off the pressure, embrace the present, and chase your dreams in this vibrant celebration of freedom.

Tap into Kenya’s carefree spirit with this blend of reggae and Afro-Pop. “Free” transports you to sunny days and reminds you that joy is your birthright, no matter your circumstances.

Sometimes you need a song that’s not about complicated relationships but about pure, unfiltered joy. “Free” is an explosion of positivity that will lift your mood and ignite your adventurous side.

Here are some of the lyrics in Free:

  • “Can I be free?” This simple question echoes powerfully with anyone feeling constrained by expectations or daily struggles.

  • “Welcome to paradise… light up and free your mind” Nyashinski encourages listeners to find their own slice of paradise, whether it’s in their imagination or by taking real steps towards their ideal life.

Don’t Miss the Chance to Experience the Magic Live


Think about it, afternoons spent discovering hidden gems of Kenyan music that make you proud to be from this vibrant country. Evenings dancing with friends, surrounded by joyful energy fueled by Nyashinski’s infectious beats. And those private moments when his songs are the soundtrack to your personal journey, lifting your spirits whenever you need a boost.

These are the experiences that create lifelong memories. These are the moments that remind you of the soul and spirit of Kenya.

The Madaraka Festival is your chance to be a part of something bigger, to celebrate the power of Kenyan music and the incredible talent of artists like Nyashinski.

Don’t let this moment pass you by. Don’t settle for watching highlights online later. Grab those festival tickets and get ready for a celebration of music, community, and Kenyan pride that will ignite your heart and stay with you long after the last note fades.

Remember, Nyashinski isn’t just a musician, he’s the soundtrack to the joy of being Kenyan. Be there to experience it live.